What is law ?

Law is there even before we were born and its still there even after we died.  Even though law is pervasive and society is dominated by law, people only have the sketchiest knowledge about it. 

Some might refer it as behaviour limitation. Others regard it as morality, it is based on idea of right and wrong which then transformed into legal and illegal.

Among scientists, law is a field of social science. 

A politician might regard law as key aspect of society, as a guide, as a tool, as limiting obligation. 

Police officers and judges may see law as the source of their power, for them to do their jobs. 

For lawyers, law is a profession and a familiar tool to be manipulated to get the best result or their clients.

Poor people may see law as hostile, a nuisance, always requiring them to do something.

Rich people may see it as something which protect them from the forces of violence and disorder.

For normal people, law is simply something which imposed obligation; do it and you're safe, don't do it and you'll get in trouble. 

Well this is my two cent opinion:

Law people are the most criticised people in our society. Before I even got here, people around me have been telling me the same comment, "legal profession is one of a dirty and sinful sector to get involved in, if you're a lawyer, you have practically set one foot in hell". You have no idea how that broke my heart. People who've said that has never been a lawyer before, never been in a legal profession before, so how would they know anything about being a lawyer? Just because a lousy lawyer did something wrong, you shouldn't think the next lawyer would do the same. I've been wanting to be in this sector for so long, I remembered jotting down lawyer as my ambition when I was 13 years old. Back then I don't even know what lawyer do, I just find wearing black and white suit is interesting. Up until now, I still do want to be in the legal sector. Luckily I did not let that little comment falter my decision :) 

When I first got here, I know nothing. Since I was previously a science stream student, I'm only familiar with science subjects. I had no idea what a tort was. I was mystified by the idea of common law and beguiled by articles in federal constitution. Five years of science had taught me nothing about any of it. 

I was in hell back in school, science subjects are nightmares for me. So when I got here, I figured that since I love law so much, it would be easy for me. Boy was I wrong. Law program is not a cakewalk. The subjects are on hard, real issues. Like constitutional monarchy in Malaysia, legal research, law and justice and many more. Good thing is, now I can participate in family activities like reading the newspaper with my mother or watching the news with my father (which before, I find it boring).

I must admit, there are some crooked legal practitioner in the market nowadays, but there are a lot of good people in this sector. Some are mistaken as the bad, some sacrificed everything for justice and still they're deemed as the bad guy. 

I've met nice people. Fair, selfless, kind, honest people in this sector that most hated so much. Not everyone get to see the true side of law, everyone only see the mean, bad part, but I get to see both sides. From there, I get to choose which side I belong.

I learnt alot. Before this I would think that death penalty is a bad thing because our religion teaches us to give second chance, but I learnt that keeping them alive won't profit us in any way, they'll repeat the same crime and keeping them alive would making the society prone to danger. I learnt that there's always two sides of every story. 

For me, being a law student, its not really a proud thing to say, its more like an honor. To get such privilege to learn law, I am utterly blessed. I hope one day if Allah wills it, I can join the good team, I hope they would want to recruit me. Allahumma Ameen.

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