I am getting more silent than ever on this blog. My last update was four months ago and that was when I'm still doing my foundation. Now I'm on my 5 months break before going to degree which for the record is now down to 2 months break. For most of the days I stayed home, feeling adrift and forlorn. I am caught up with too many books to read, too many house chores to do, too many tweets to tweet (ehei sempat gak) and the list goes on. Yes I'm active on twitter (@farrah_hanis). 

I deleted most of my posts from the past. Amatlah mengarut isi kandungan post dahulu, zaman-zaman mencari identiti diri. Tapi sekarang pun sebenarnya masih mencari identiti juga cuma di paras yang normal. Meremang juga baca ayat-ayat aku dulu, kenapalah sampai seru mahu buat blog awal sangat. I had this blog when I was 13 or 14 I think. Or is it 12, I can't recall.

I wanted to talk about something light today but I don't know what. I had this idea of talking about why does the sky is blue but decided not to. Gahhhh I guess staying at home for so long does this to me, it sucks the light out of me. I couldn't think of anything to write but I want to write. What do you think I should write about ?

Almost forgot! Salam Ramadhan Kareem everyone, our favorite month is back. Bulan kita menternak pahala, bulan kita refill bakul-bakul pahala kita yang dicuri shaiton untuk 11 bulan yang sebelum. Personally I am so happy sebab tahun ni puasa dan raya dengan family yay.

Till next post, take care. (LOL look at me talking to the nonexistent readers) 

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