Writing on my birthday has been a little ritual of mine for the past couple of years. So yes, I'm writing again this year. 19, wow. Next year I'm gonna be 20. Double wow! Time flies. 

I really love the fact that my birthday this year is in ramadhan, it gives me this peculiar happiness. Nothing much really this day, for now I'm doing abs...solutely nothing. Maybe after terawih my parents and I are going to grab something to eat or maybe get a cake. But honestly I don't really care. It's their happiness really because when I was born I wasn't the one smiling, they are. On this day, I was busy crying my eyes out. 

Every year, my birthday has been a constant slap in the face for me. I am growing old. I am approaching death. So what have I done in my life? What have I contribute to the people around me? Are the people around me happy that I am around them? Am I happy with myself? Thinking about stuff like these is really rubbing salt in my fresh cut wound. But thank God that I am easily distracted. I usually channel my emotions to things that make me happy. Good books, inspirational movies, food ah yes food! But I noticed I don't eat much during ramadhan. I knew it! Those weight I gained for the past 11 months were all Satan's work. (self-defence keke)

I've received so many lovely words from my friends and family. Wishes really make me happy because they're all du'as. I love to aminkan all those kind words! May Allah grants them all.

Happy turning 19, farrah. May we continue to better ourselves. May Allah accept our never-ending du'as and bless us with great endurance to survive in this dunya. May we be a good daughter to abah and mak. May Allah protects us and whoever reading this. Have a nice day and happy fasting! 

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