Of judging others


We are currently in a world full of hatred, that's for sure. Headlines these days are all news of all the terrible things happening around the world,  it's almost impossible to find happy news. Even if there is, it's always only the small little column for them. I've read, heard and witnessed so many terrible things these days and I feel like I'm being judgemental as the days went by. But one thing I believe is that we are the reflection of the people around us, which is why when I see someone horrible, I feel sorry for that person.

When we see someone smoking, we non-smokers don't understand why others would even think about smoking. It's harmful, costly and brings so many diseases to our body. But what we don't know is that that person has been surrounded by smokers their whole lives and just want to fit in. 

We condemn the parents who home-schooled their children, we say the children need proper school environment so that they will grow up normally like the rest of the children their age. But what we don't know is that the children suffer from chronic illness which limits their daily life activities. 

We are disgusted by people who are racist, spouting out their hateful remarks at some unfortunate person. But what we don't know is that, that is the only entertainment they know. That is the only way for them to get some attention. 

We can't comprehend why there are Muslims who don't pray and fast so we quickly put label on them. Calling them syiah, kafir, fasiq, etc. But we don't know that nobody taught them how and why they should. 

I once had a non-Muslim friend and when asked what did she thinks of Islam, she said it's the same religion like Christianity, only that we Muslims call our God, Allah, and they call theirs Jesus. Now could you blame my friend if she grew up not knowing anything about Islam? I wouldn't. For me it would be a shame for her if no one teaches her the beauty that Islam has to offer.

So whenever I see people with undesirable traits, I feel sorry for them. I know if I were in their shoes I would be exactly like them, if not worse. So I think we shouldn't look down on these people. Certainly they have their sides of the story as well. Don't tell someone is wrong until you've seen things from their point of view.

Berbeza tak bermakna terus salah. Kita ada cara kita, orang ada cara orang. Sedangkan mazhab pun boleh berbeza, tapi agamanya tetap sama. Contohnya kalau kita rasa kita tutup aurat sudah paling bagus paling sempurna, cuba bandingkan dengan sesetengah mazhab yang pakai selubung satu badan siap mata pun ada jaring-jaring. Mungkin diorang pun kasihan tengok kita tak cukup menutup macam diorang. Be more respectful, lihat semuanya dari segi ilmu rather than melihat kesilapan. 

If we can spend so much time reading one side of the story, why not spend more to read the other side(s)?

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