Airplane Story


My flight from Korea to Malaysia was a scary one, it was my first near death experience on airplane. Well maybe I'm exaggerating but it was really scary I kid you not.

What I hate the most about travelling is hearing all sorts of airplane crashing and blowing up in mid air stories. Not to mention that a week before, there were an earthquake, massive flood and they had the biggest protest ever across the country. So my level of fear tripled after hearing those news. I was basically putting up a cool face and trying not to be anxious but inside I'm chanting zikir like crazy. 

That day we were only one hour away from landing when the pilot suddenly, "Due to the bad weather, we are experiencing some turbulence and are unable to land, please remain seated"

I. Am. Going. To. Die

I suddenly started thinking how young I was, there's so many things I haven't done in life. I started to freak out, the Korean steward who served my food just now no longer looks handsome, I suddenly pity him. Both of us are going to die here in this airplane. How bad was the rain anyway? Can't the pilot just continue the journey? Didn't those long years of aviation academy taught them anything about how to land during rainy days? I don't think it's raining that bad anyway. I looked through the window and a lightening flashed across the sky continued with a loud thunderous sound. Okay...maybe it was bad. 

Let's just calm  down and........

The next thing I know my friend woke me up saying we have landed safely. Yes, I fell asleep during my most terrifying moment of my life. Not sure how that happened but if that was a real plane crash situation, I would've died in my sleep. Thank you God for giving me another shot in life. I'll be good after this.

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