Fieldtrip to Korea Part 1


It's only been 2 days since I got back from a fieldtrip in Korea, it's one of those compulsary extracurricular activities we had in uni. So excited to blog about this, I'm going to write about everything. This is also one of those rare posts where I include pictures but so sorry for the quality as some of them were taken from DSLR but some were from phone camera. Bear with me!

Day 1

Had to stay here with the team from 2 am so we played silent killer and mafia game to kill the time. 


When we arrived, it's alrealy nightime in Korea. So we unpacked at the guesthouse and head out just the three of us. Me, Tasha and Hayyie. 

I ate odaeng, it was fishcake with hot soup, it complements my cold night. I've been eating odaeng everynight, it's only 1500 won.

The only picture of us three.

Masa ni tak tahu lagi perisa lain selain banana tu tak halal. Erm :/

I swear banana milk is the most delicous milk I've ever tasted in my life. Believe me when I said that because I'm a milk lover.

It's 1300 won per bottle, but if you buy in a bulk of four you'll get 4500 won.

O yeah this is Johnny, he's our tourguide for this trip

He took the three of us to subway, and taught us the way around Korea. Look at us looking so out of place among the Koreans.

Did I mention it was freezing that night? Because yes, it was. 

Day 2

On our second day, we went tu Hanguk University of Foreign Studies to meet Korean students who are taking Bahasa Melayu as their major. This is their field.


I remember it was such a beautiful day that day. 

This is where all the foreign departments situated in.

It was a huge building.

So cold I could barely feel my nose

Found it!

What's interesting about this university is, all departments are handled by students themselves without the help of their professors. So they managed everything by themselves. I interviewed this oppa and he speaks Melayu very well. 

That unni followed me on instagram and we became instant friend. Dia siap nak datang Malaysia katanya. 

Street in Itaewon

We went to Itaewon to eat, come to think this is the only meat I've eaten in Korea. Since Korea is a non Muslim country, it's hard to find halal food. I ate bulgogi, 10 000 won. Dia daging tapi masak manis. Dap!

After that it was Friday prayer time and we went to Seoul Central Mosque

It's a bit sad because the mosque is not that comfortable compared to what we have here in Malaysia so when it's prayer time, it's too overcrowded.

This is the time when I lost my friends. I prayed in a room full of Arabis while my friends went upstairs. By the time I wanted to go upstairs, it was full of men and it's just not proper for me to squeeze in like that. So I wait for them in that room.

But it's interesting because there were a lot of friendly foreigners greeting me Assalamualaikum here. 

Had the chance to listen to Friday Khutbah done in three languages, Arabic, English and Korean. 

Masjid dia kecik tapi sentiasa penuh. Masjid dekat Malaysia besar tapi selalu kosong. Nikmat Tuhan yang manakah yang kau dustakan?

We all wore baju kurung since it's Friday that day 

Then we went to National Folk Museum of Korea.

My mom would love this

"Urm sure guys, go take pictures while I fight this winter and will eventually died out of coldness"

I love this museum, it speaks Korean history to me

By this time I was so ready with my camera

The policemen were all young guys, I wanna live here!!

Oh hello there.

I love my nights here because that's when we get to go out and have some fun

Girls night out

My roomates in Korea, we're all law students. Ni kebetulan bukan assabiah k.

Roomies! We shared a lot in that room.

Setiap malam akan lalu jalan ni dan tengok gambar boyfriend, hmm rindunya

On the way to Myeondong Street

By the way Myeondong is a must visit place sebab sini malam-malam memang happening gila. Night market lain macam Namdaemun memang tutup awal so kalau nak pergi kena pergi petang camtu.

Brands macam Holika, Laneige, Etude House, Skinfood memang sangat common disini and harga pun boleh tahan murah lah. 

Barang makeup paling mahal aku pernah tengok pun 40 000 won, paling murah 2500 won. So dia tak mahal kalau pandai cari. I didn't buy any makeups, sebab tak buat research mana brand paling best. Menyesal pun yang dah takda guna.

I've tasted chestnuts for the first time, it's a bit pricey though 5000 won for just a small packet but worth it sebab sedap.

Sumpah tak datang sini sebab dia.

Penjual chestnuts pun handsome, apani

Traditional cookie for royalties back in the day, honestly, not that delicious. What I love about Korea is that they love giving out sample, so takdalah rasa tertipu masa dah beli tu.

I have an obsession: Buying socks sebab murah gila 1000 won for a pair. So cute I cannot

Taiyaki bread. My friends semua cakap sedap tapi bagi aku boleh lah. It's 3500 won each

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