Fieldtrip to Korea Part 2 (Nami Island)

Day 3

We spent the whole day at Nami Island which is famous for the drama Winter Sonata.


Menyesal ambik pose duduk, I had to do the same pose for every shoot.

First snow

We were playing outside when my friend said, "macam salji" but we didn't believe her and kept on running around but then snow started falling like crazy. 

Me, socializing.

It's a heart shaped lake

Can you see the snow? :) 

Geng Cucuk Langit

Bibimbap sotong, sedaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap! Sotong dia tak macam sotong Malaysia, tak tahu nak gambarkan macam mana tapi sedap lah.

This is the scenery when we were riding a ferry to go to Nami Island, it took like 10 minutes more or less

Malaysian flag on the ferry

This is the ferry

The entrance

We head to a studio and had our art therapy handled by Dr Rafidah. Basically we just drew our feelings and present it to everyone. Since I'm her PA, I have to hold everyone's sketchbook.

"Oh yes your drawings are lovely" - one of the many lies I told my friends during this session.

This tower is made of books and you can write on it. I've seen a lot of Malaysia names on it.

I hate the fact the the birds here are all fat so they fly low. Lose weight and fly high you fatty!

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