Fieldtrip to Korea Part 3

Day 4

We went to KBS, Namsan Tower and Ewha University.

Shameless picture in Korea, checked.

This is when we were on our way from Namsan Tower.

This is at Ewha University, it's an all women university but everyone is welcome to come and visit.

Look at that, so fat, so full of protein.

Love Padlocks in Namsan Tower

Playing DJ at KBS

Had to do the same pose again erm guys why am I the only one sitting down?

Entrance of Namsan Tower

With the same bunch

I think the idea of professing one's love through padlock is stupid. But whoever thought of this is a marketing genius, Namsan Tower has gained loads of money through this.

Bye Namsan, not gonna come here again, takda apa pun.

Geng Cucuk Langit hahah.

Nasik Korea ni makan 3 - 4 mangkuk pun tak kenyang lagi, serius.

Cannot jadi news anchor, suara macam kartun orang dengar pun menyampah

What a waste of 8000 won

It's actually pretty disgusting up close.

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