Fieldtrip to Korea Part 4

Day 5 

Last day, I'm crying while blogging this wu wu wu wu wu wu wu wu wu wu wu wu wu

So excited because we finally get to go to Seoul National University. In Korea, SNU is considered as the number 1 university, it's basically the Harvard of Korea. That is Jenny, she's super friendly.

Goodbye guesthouse

Can't believe I went to SNU!!

SNU is located in a mountain, so most of the students just walk around the campus. Then I joked with Jenny, "maybe that's why everyone is so skinny here", in which she said, "everyone except for me". Dalam hati aku, "hmm nasib baik pakai baju sejuk, boleh lah menutup segala kegemukan yang ada"

I was stuck with her like a magnet because I wanted to know everything about Seoul National University.

That's me thinking, "why is she so tall"

There used to be a bridge here and according to legend, when a couple cross it over together they'll break up. It was soon demolished due to safety reason. 

Jenny kata kalau musim cherry blossom tempat ni paling lawa.

The main library, the right side is the old building and the left is the new one.

"is that you Yoo Jae Suk?"

I love this tour

Cafe diorang ada sedia menu berlainan setiap hari so students senang nak pilih cafe mana diorang mahu pergi.


There are no undergraduates law students here, only postgraduates. Maksudnya kalau nak buat law sini kena ada degree dulu in something. So SNU law students memang ada double degree lah kiranya, and untuk masuk sini memang tersangat-sangat lah susah. Katakan lah kau ambik degree in ekomoni di SNU for four years, it still won't guarantee you will be enrolled in SNU for law. Memang law students yang masuk sini memang yang the best of the best sahaja, lemme repeat, the best of the best sahaja. SNU law fakulti ni memang kira law fakulti no 1 la dalam Korea. Dan boleh nampak lah fakulti law memang canggih gila banding fakulti lain. Jenny siap cakap, "law faculty are on different level than the rest of us". Excited gila round sampai lupa ambik gambar :( 

Main field

Aduh diorang ni

Had to wear tudung bawal for group photo that night. 

So that's it. I'll miss you Korea. I'll be sure to come again, I promise. 

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