Walking Zombie


It's final exam and I have been pulling all nighter for the past few days to do my notes. As much as I want to just borrow my friend's, I just prefer doing them myself because only then I'll understand things better. I forgot I have a bed to sleep in because I just keel over at my desk too exhausted to move. Went to the fridge to feed myself but I forgot I didn't have time to grocery shop. One time I actually scare myself when I look at the mirror in the bathroom to wash my face. I look like a zombie with eyebags and dark circles all over my face, I'm a mess inside and out. The bags under my eyes are not bags they should be called luggage because they're all you could see when you see my face. Law school compels me to destroy myself during finals.

I've covered  so many topics, spent hours doing questions and I feel like my brain is coming out of my ears. The worst thing is, I'm not even halfway done. This is what you should not do kid, do not cram a semester's worth of learning in two days. But for some weird reason, I do this ever semester because I think I can pull this off. Pfjfgjkhjkl.  

I wonder if people in med school are bitter, jaded, sarcastic and beyond-done as people in law school? They always seem so much happier and calmer over there. Is it because people don't hate med students like they hate law students? I mean let's face it, it's justified. People hate law students. 

Friendly tip: If you cannot imagine yourself reading cases on daily basis, spending most of the time in front of the computer googling difficult legal term, spending a fortune on textbooks that may or may not be used, being tired all the time, then don't go to law school. 

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