Green is not for everyone

"Ayam penyet tapi sayur tak mau

"Nasi lemak tak payah letak timun, kacang bagi lebih

"Nasi goreng ayam satu, jangan letak sayur apa-apa please

I'm always embarassed making these requests until at some point I stopped making them because sometimes on a not so lucky day the aunty asks, "kenapa tak makan sayur nak?" or "dah besar pun tak makan sayur kah adik?" and I would just give them a weak sour smile. How to explain to her that my body rejects it since early age. Nowadays I simply kuis the sayur away or give it to whoever I'm eating with to avoid the awkward questions. It's really hard being a 20 year old adult who until this, scrunches up her face at the mention of vegetables. 

Growing up, my parents forced all sorts of vegetables down my throat but I was always one step ahead and wriggled my way out of it. I remember when I was 12, I had extra classes for my UPSR and had to stay in school from 6.40 am till late evening. So my parents used to come to my school and bring lunch to share with my friends. Annoyingly, those lunches always had vegetables at the size of a mountain. My mom would gave me a you-better-finish-it-all look in front of my friends. I did finish it though, my friends ate them all. 

Why I don't like vegetables? I have no idea. Maybe I'm just not used to it and I've lived my whole life avoiding them. It's been great considering I never had severe skin breakouts. But maybe if I did eat them, my skin could've been better but I'll just take what I'm given. I don't know I just don't like the texture, the taste, the way it changes my food. I eat only the colored ones like carrot, tauge and cabbage(only when I'm feeling adventurous).  But the green ones, I can't even chew them properly without feeling disgusted and thinking how can this be considered food it tastes to bad.  

To all my non veges friends: If you live in Malaysia, you're screwed because them Malaysians sure do loveee their vegetables here. 

I like you but not in the vegetables form

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