First Time in High Court

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Today was such a happy day for me. I'm so happy to the point that I can't wait to write it in this blog so that I can read it in the future. I went to my first high court hearing (as an audience jew). 

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We went there at 2pm with my other three girls, we picked this room because it was a kidnapping case. I've always loved criminal cases so I'm really excited. Before we came in, we waited outside for the court to be adjourned. There was this one police named Chua, he is an Assistant Superintendent of Police(ASP) for 11 years. He gave a brief fact of the case. So there were three guys (two Malays and one Rohingya) who kidnapped a bangla and asked for a ransom of RM50 000. But one of the OKT (Orang Kena Tuduh) died in the prison due to tyroid, so there's only two OKT left. 

Then we came in and the Public Prosecutor came and talked to us. She was an alumni of UiTM and she told us to join her later on. She's so pretty and her name is Rozana. In my head I was singing Rozana....kau gadis idamanku....dua hati jadi satu...bila kita bertemu...oh Rozana...

The judge was YA Dato Zulkifli Bin Bakar, he is a very meticulous person. He was very garang but at the same time was very conscious of us. They used a lot of complicated legal jargon and when we looked confuse he purposely reiterated everything. 

At the end of the trial, we waited outside and then the lawyer for the OKT said hi first. He was so so so nice. His name is Gabriel (googled him and he was the lawyer of many famous cases) and he has been a lawyer for 20 years.

Me: Have you ever feel guilty defending these people?

Lawyer: I have to defend them, this is not a sin. I am defending somebody's life. Who am I to take someone's life? I've been cursed by the victim's family countless times but this is my job, I have to do it. You know who's to pity? The judge. There was this tradition where, after a judge finished giving a sentence he will break the pen into two. It's like a symbol to show that, ok this is my sin.

He talked more but it was just the kind of conversation I would want to keep to myself. I don't know how to tell you but the whole 1 hour with him was great. He gave us his card and he invited us to do intern at his firm (which I googled, turns out to be this very big successful firm). 

Alhamdulillah for today

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