Sick :(


It is one of those days. Sunny, beautiful, easy and free. But here I am in my bed, hair tied up in a bun and had socks on. Next to me is a pile of tissues, mineral water and medicines. Life has its realities and the harsh fact of life is that we cannot avoid sickness. I'm having cold, coughs and headaches at the same time, it's only been two days but I feel like dying. It's really rare for me to get sick so when I have it I'm the type that would layan my sickness and would want to stay in bed all day. 

I never had headache before but these past couple of days I have been having really bad headaches. Well, not sure if it's really that bad but since it's my first it felt really bad. I've never had them before and I realise headaches are not something you can shake off. I skipped all of my classes today (which I find makes me even sicker btw). I should just go to class and make myself busy so that I can forget that I am sick.

Being at home, I was thinking of the worst possible things and I couldn't help it. 

Could it be cancer? Omg I have it, don't I? What else could it be? Or is it brain tumor? I knew it, it's because of my unhealthy lifestyle. Dear God, please don't let me have cancer or brain tumor please please please....

And this made my headache stronger.

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