The Youngest


Being the youngest, I’ve never known how it feels like to have a younger sibling. I’ve always been the baby of the family and I have to admit, it’s the most fun position in a family. My older sister and my older brother had to give in to my every whim and I always win because it’s our culture that the youngest gets what she wants. The youngest is always generalized as the most spoiled ones and I won’t dispute that. I sleep with my parents till I was 10 and refuse to leave. Maybe that’s why I don’t have any younger sibling LOL. Now that both my sister and brother are married and I have four nieces and one nephew, I still win when I got into a fight with these kids. *blows nails* *dustsshoulder* *flipshair*

When I was in my high school (finally sleeping on my own), going through those adolescent years alone changed me. I really can’t stand being with my family and I enjoyed the company of my friends a lot more. That is why I was always eager to go to tuitions everyday to see them. When I’m home, I ignore everyone and when I talk I get mad a lot at them. But that was just a phase in my teenage years thank God.

As you grow older, your social group gets smaller. Not everyone would understand your busy schedule and what sort of hardships you’re facing. At the end of the day, family are the ones who stick with you despite of the thunder. Naturally, I turn to family more.

These days, I talk to them a lot. I’m currently on my semester’s break so I’m in Sabah now yay. It’s just us three in this house as my other siblings have their own houses. Naturally, we spent most of our times talking with each other. I’m so happy when I get to talk to them. So anyway, breakfast, lunch and dinner topics are always random between my parents and I. One day we could be talking about how cold the weather is, one day we could be talking about my friends and another day we could be talking about my nieces and nephew. Today, we talked about flies.

Abah, do flies gross you out?” followed by a Not Really from abah.

"Flies gross me out. But I really really really cannot stand lizard. And crow. Have you seen snakes? The other day they caught a huge snake in my faculty, I was so grossed out just by looking at the pictures they sent. I went to the zoo with my friends and there was this funny looking chicken, I ran because they looked kinda gross. But weirdly I’m okay with cockroach. But cockroach still gross me out sometimes” followed by a silent nod from abah.


Both of us went “Hmm”, shaking our heads at the same time.

Me, because I’m super proud that I can probably catch ridsect a cockroach unlike most of my friends.

Abah, because he’s amazed at how easily grossed I am at practically every moving living thing.


They are always eating healthy where they eat vegetables on every meal and fruits as snacks every day and I almost feel guilty I am chomping on chocolate cake in front of them. But in the light of wanting to be healthy like them, I told myself I’ll just finish this one slice of cake instead of my usual three. Then I turned on the screen and watched a show where they talked about how overeating can lead to diabetes. Oh myyy… this a sign from You? I wonder as I look up to the sky.

That dinner I ate a bunch of tofu and carrot and tauge as I take a deep breath and send a telepathic sorry to my body.

In all seriousness, I love my parents tremendously, only God knows how they impacted my life in only positive ways teaching me respect, gratitude and love all at the same time. I always pray to God to forgive their sins and that if anything happened to me, please have mercy on them and protect them in this life and in the hereafter. I had loads of fun with my parents talking about the weather and stuff. We had proper quality time and it was pretty nice. I love them so much!

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