Melaka Getaway with Korean Friends


So I made three Korean friends this semester and no I didn't meet them when I was in Korea. I met them here in Malaysia. To tell you the story, my friend(Tasha) and I went to Watsons and suddenly she came to me telling me there were Koreans in the store. So I figured Yeah I've watched enough Korean dramas and shows, I can said my insa(greeting), you can do it!!. We were at the counter and I said "Anyeonghasaeyo" to them and they were so suprised and said "Ommo, anyeonghasaeyo" and then they left. 

Suddenly, just like in a drama, the rain started to pour so heavily. On our way to the car, the Koreans stopped us and asked "Where is the nearest cafe", being a good Malaysians we drove them there. One of them asked for my number and my name, I gave it in hope that she has a relative that looks like Gong Yoo. Heh kidding. That very night, we made a WhatsApp group just the five of us and we became friends. The girls are at the same age as me(maybe that's why we clicked right away) and the guy (now oppa mind you) is 24 years old. They're exchange students for 6 months in Puncak Alam, tourism and business course. I should've blogged about our first Mamak, the time they toured around my faculty, first BoatNoodle, shopping together, when we went to a park, coffee stops(they sure do love coffee), sleepover and more. But I only posted them on Instagram cause it's easier and faster. 

How do we communicate? Well, believe it or not we speak all three languages: Bahasa Melayu, English and Korean. I can speak little (veryyy little and super broken) Korean thanks to all the countless Kdramas and Kshows I've watched and they can speak little Malay. We speak English the most though. 

We've gone out several times already and we decided to go to Melaka. Hence this post.

We had a sleepover the night before just the four of us girls and we had a face packs night and gossip. Totally picked the most expensive face pack cause bila lagi kan hahaha. 

Korean snacks, but I stick to my Sour and Cream Pringles though cause there's no halal logo in these.

From right: Oh Dongwook, Park Yeji and Yu Haeju

In front of A'Famosa, totally playing the this is my first time here card. 

We were walking across Jonker Street and we saw two cute guys riding bicycles and we were going to the same direction. Played it cool but then one of them asked me to take their pictures, GLADLY! After that I asked them:

"Where are you from?"


"Oh I see"

"We cycled here all the way from Germany hahaha"

It's not really funny but since you're both cute I'll laugh along lah #pitylaugh #itsokay #youcannotbecuteandfunnyatthesametime #thatwouldbeunfair

And of course, cendol time. It was their first time and being a mean Malaysian friend I told them to order the durian cendol while Tasha and I eat the normal ones. They hated it hahaha except for Oppa, he really enjoyed it. But the girls, they hated it so much hahaha. 

We went to Masjid Terapung Selat Melaka to show them the beauty of Islam. I thought they would be uncomfortable but to my suprise they really liked it, they even wore the compulsory robe, jubah and tudung.  

Went to Klebang for Coconut Shakes and then saw this. After a good 3 minutes screaming and making a scene in front of everyone, I touched it and then ran away.

For dinner we ate asam pedas, it was my first actually. I had pari asam pedas. After giving away the telur masin and the vegetables, it was really good actually. 

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