It is currently 8.42 pm. I just got back from Raya break yesterday and today is my first paper for my final exam. I still have some notes to finish for my next paper (note to self: Can you please stop procrasting!!!!)

I don't post much here nowadays (you can check them on my insta), but since today is my birthday, I feel like it deserves a post.

A lot has been going on in my life and truth is, no life is perfect. I always took things for granted. I complain about not being able to eat my favorite food when I can just eat nasi putih and telur kicap and be happy just as much. I think morning classes are awful when I've always loved morning ambience, so peaceful. I should be thankful that Allah gave me the ability to wake up.

Issues arise everyday. My life is far from perfect but I try to enjoy it even with all the flaws and challenges that come my way. There is a greater purpose in life and there is a greater power watching over you, protecting you and giving you guidance. Bad things happen, learn from them and move on because life is much more than you and your problems. Too many people get consumed by emotions and it affects how we act. We're only humans, after all. When Allah throws mini tests, instead of thinking ugh my life sucks..try to look at the bigger picture. Allah won't give you what you can't handle. Allah got you back, and with anything that upsets/worries you, that too shall pass. Just try to be good and positive person and enjoy all the flavors that life brings, sweet, salty or just plain bitter. 

It's been a nice birthday so far, so many people wishes me good things. Thank you for the wonderful birthday wishes, words can't describe how thankful to have these amazing people in my life. May Allah makbulkan all those doas, Amin. Can't really say much here but I really am happy these days, I thank God everyday for my loved ones. They're the best. I hope I won't take happiness like this for granted ever again. I hope I can find patience during my hard times. I hope I can make the people I love as happy as they make me. Cheers to myself for surviving another year! May I have many more wonderful, crazy years ahead of me. Happy birthday Farrah Hanis, 21 looks good on you.

Another year, hopefully wiser. 

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